We love to hear what parents and their babies think about our range of amazing baby books, so please leave us a comment or discusion about the range here. Are there any titles you'd like to see us publish? Does your child have a favourite amazing baby book? If so, what do they like most about it?



My son Freddie was given Amazing Baby Hide and Seek when he was about 7 months. He loved the textures and lifting the flaps and I really enjoyed reading the book with him. I think the bright colours and bold patterns are really eye-catching. The book was really sturdy too, unlike some picture books which seem to tear easily.



My one year old Sam has the Amazing Baby Bee toy, which is clipped on to his buggy. He really likes it, and really interacts with the different part and sounds. I never realised the Amazing Baby range was so big. I'll definitely look out for other toys and books. Anyone got any good recommendations?



My daughter and I, are huge fans of ‘Amazing Baby’ products. I would even say that should she become an avid reader in later years that these books would, in part be responsible.Our ‘hot’ list would be …..1. ‘Baby Boo!’ – if you only buy one book this should it. My little one just loved it and wanted it ‘read’ over and over, again. It’s like a baby drug.2. ‘I love you!’- It’s a lovely larger book. She really enjoys ‘the tickle’ page and looking at her own photo.3. ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ – She really liked this from 4 -6 months but then lost interest. And, yes, I did sing it, which may be the reason she shies away from it now.4. ‘Baby’s Day!’ – She’s taken a real shine to the baby on the first page and likes looking at the crawling babies5. ‘My daddy!’, ‘Up and down’, ‘Hide and seek’, ‘Night, night baby’, ‘Mummy, baby!’ are all rather popular too. For some reason, ‘Guess who’ and ‘Rainbow Fun!’ don’t hold her attention.My only gripes would be …1. The flaps on ‘Hide and seek’ are thin and prone to tearing.2. I was disappointed to discover that some of the photos in ‘I love you’ and ‘Giggle baby’ were the same.3. Although, the book and the music by FUNtastic are great, some of the songs were rather slow for a book titled ‘Clap and Sing’.